The 2012 FBI’s Uniform Crime Report is out.  (The 2013 Crime Clock with Statistics will not be available until the end of 2014.) As you can see from the Crime Clock above, whether the crime rates statistically go up or down year to year, that’s still some pretty scary numbers!

The whole reason for the development of our product was to help the public secure their homes, families and possessions. Unfortunately, our society is filled with people that just don’t care about right and wrong or are too desperate to let that stop them. For the purpose of our business, we are most interested in burglaries and robberies within the home.

But we cannot use the figures in the crime clock to give us the true picture of criminal statistics when it comes to our homes. We must drill down into the numbers to understand exactly what this means.

First, we must deal with definitions. What is a BURGLARY versus a ROBBERY versus a “HOME INVASION?”

The FBI defines BURGLARY as the “unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft.” Now, this structure could be a home or apartment, but also a barn, a houseboat, and office or a ship. The bottom line is that the FBI defines a burglary as a theft that occurs from a structure with no person present.

Some numbers:

*Total number of burglaries in 2012-     2,103,787

*This is the number that the FBI used to arrive at the one burglary every 15 seconds statistic.

*Of those, 1,111,849 were by FORCED ENTRY- That works out to be one forced entry every 28 seconds.

Now, remember that this is burglaries of ALL structures.

But you want to know what happened in personal HOMES!

*Of the total number of burglaries, 66% occurred in a residence.

*The total number of residential burglaries was 1,567,058.

*That is one home burglarized every 20 seconds!

*Of the total number of residential burglaries, 53% happened during the day, 27% at night and 20% was unknown.

Now let’s talk ROBBERY and HOME INVASIONS. The FBI classifies ROBBERY as a violent crime. Their definition of robbery is “the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.” The FBI does not use the term HOME INVASION.  For their purposes, a HOME INVASION would be classified as a ROBBERY WITHIN A RESIDENCE (the taking of property from a residence while someone is at home.)

Some numbers:

*Total number of robberies in 2012-  354,520

*That is the number that was used to arrive at one robbery every 1.5 minutes.

But a robbery can occur anywhere. We are interested in those that happened within the home, those that would be classified as “home invasions.”

*Total number of robberies that took place WITHIN the home was 59,889

*That works out to be almost 7 home invasions every hour. That’s one home invasion every 9 minutes! Every 9 minutes, a criminal broke into a home WHEN SOMEONE WAS THERE (your whole family, your teenager home alone, your elderly parent.)  

To wrap it all up:

*Every 20 seconds a home is invaded! (burglarized or robbed)

*4457 Homes are robbed or burglarized EVERY DAY!

* The arrest rate is only 18%! And that’s just arrests, not convictions!

*59.7% of all burglaries involved forced entry!

* There is a forced entry burglary every 28 seconds!

*97% of all home intrusions happen when no one is at home!

Your alarm system cannot physically keep them out! Your firearm can’t keep them out if you are not at home! Door bars and braces are a great idea but you have to be inside the house in order to set it into place. What happens when you leave?

The Door Sentinel hardens your door to prevent door kick ins! Your dead bolts cannot do their job because of your weak wooden door frame.



The Door Sentinel Platinum Pack from Patriot Crime Defense and MYSAFEDOOR.COM

The Door Sentinel Platinum Pack from Patriot Crime Defense and MYSAFEDOOR.COM

Patriot Crime Defense- Your Home’s FIRST Line of Defense!!

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